At XLENT STUDIOS we offer clean vocal and instrument tracking, voice-overs, editing and more in a comfortable atmosphere. Take advantage of our expert mixing techniques, quality and attention to detail. Master your songs and maximize your sound with dynamic clarity, warm analog saturation and breathtaking detail.



-$40 per song
-$300 / 10 songs

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-$20 per song
-$150 / 10 songs

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-$25 per hour (2 hr minimum)
-$80 / 4 hour block

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For one song orders, you will receive your completed track within 48 hours. We also offer revisions, we aren’t happy until you are!

We will work with whatever you send, but following the suggestions below will get the best results:

BEST FORMAT FOR MIXING: A zipped folder containing dry wave or aiff audio files with NO plugin effects, exported/bounced from the start or “0” point of your session.

BEST FORMAT FOR MASTERING: 24 bit stereo wave or aiff files at 44.1 sample rate with no clipping or limiters on the master fader.

WORST FORMAT FOR ANYTHING: Mp3. The better quality we start with, the better quality we end with, so please caution when sending or even recording on Mp3 beats. They loseĀ a ton of data.

FILE UPLOAD: Dropbox, Google Drive, or similar service to Please include a message with your name and song title.

PAYMENT: PayPal to Please include a message with your name and song title.


Downtown Santa Cruz, Ca.