XLENT STUDIOS is an online mixing and mastering facility based in Santa Cruz California. We specialize in post-production (Editing, Mixing, Mastering) and take great care in crafting indie music to major label expectations. We have a passion for blending sounds together perfectly as they were meant to be, and offer a speedy flat rate service.

Do you want that professional sound at an AFFORDABLE price? Look no further, because XLENT STUDIOS has completed thousands of tracks for satisfied clients. The lead engineer has over 15 years of experience in the industry, and enjoys working with a variety of music genres. You won’t get this level of clarity at THIS price anywhere else.

We don’t put presets on your tracks or use a “set it and forget it” method like most other studios. In fact we do the opposite, by giving each sound the individual attention it needs. As a result, your completed songs will sound more clear, crisp, and full on a variety of sound systems.



XLENT STUDIOS Production Facility

Customer Reviews:


“I recommend XLENT STUDIOS. It’s affordable and the product you get in return is clear, crisp and professional! They are a very detail oriented studio, because it’s not just business to them, it’s a passion.” – Lee Earl (Watsonville, Ca)


“I was looking for a studio to record, mix and master my latest project. After a short search I was pointed in the direction of XLENT STUDIOS and was amazed at how comfortable I felt right off the bat. It’s a great set up and the lead engineer is truly a master at his craft. The quality is unmatched, and I will definitely be recording more projects at XLENT STUDIOS in the future!” – Smoov G (Santa Cruz, Ca)


Sound Booth at XLENT STUDIOS


Audio Mixing and Mastering

XLENT STUDIOS – Mix and Master